Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disappointing Summer

So I just realized how long it's been since i posted anything on here...long time. I've actually been kinda busy, just not as busy as i want to be. I've been working 4 days a week instead of 3 at the Von's bakeries all over SD (shoot me), and i managed to take my ENTIRE Microsoft Excel class in just a week (I know, i'm amazing). But summer hasn't been going so great. My friends all got home within the last two weeks, and we've hung out maybe twice in the time they've been here. I've been blown off like 6 times now, which is really messed up. I'm beginning to think the whole high school friendships thing isn't gonna last too long after this year. I mean, most of my friends are graduated. They're no longer coming home for summer, winter break and spring break. Now it depends on where they end up working, when they get leave, when they can get off work. It's weird, i felt like this summer it was really important to hang out with all of them but it seems like most of them have moved on with their lives already. Who knows. All I know is that this summer has been nothing like i thought it would. I built up so much anxiety and excitement for nothing. Oh well, I guess it's not the end of the world really, just an eye opener that my world is changing and time is passing and I need to get out and do something with my life now. Can't hold on to the high school years forever.

But on a more positive note...I just started working on a flight suit dress, which is going to be awesome. I'm taking an old Navy flight suit that i bought at GI Joe's Army Navy Surplus store and converting it into a dress. It's a bit of a challenge, but hey, I like challenges. I finished drafting the pattern for it yesterday, so now i'm sewing together the mock up/lining portion to check it for fit. Then i can take apart the flight suit and make the dress out of it...AWESOME! I'm curious to see if it actually works out.

Besides that, not too much happening. Summer really just started so there is a lot more time to get out there and take advantage of my time off of school, just not sure what i'm gonna do yet. I REALLY wanted to go to London with Daniel, but i'm pretty sure that's not happening. Well, time to get back to my dress and sew some more darts!


  1. Your dress sounds like it is going to be amazing! I very much would like to see pictures when you are finished. I'm sorry your summer has turned out so great. Maybe you can visit me instead of London. Just a thought. Love you!

  2. I know exactly how that goes with the high school friends thing. it seems like everyone is now moving on with their life and getting married and such. kinda sucks...but, that dress idea sounds pretty cool! good luck with it!